About Us

Bed Bug Inspection K9Ours is the first Bed Bug K-9 training and sales company in Arizona.

 We can assist with all kinds of your bed bug detection needs with fully trained bed bug canines, handlers training and on site handler courses.

During the assessment, our trainers work with your employees to make sure they are fully trained and capable.

Our skillful canine trainers will familiarize themselves with your company and employees and will work with you to make sure you select the proper detection canine.

Our handlers work with you to fully train your staff in the handling and detection of bed bugs. We use the best training methods available today which opens a new profit center for your pest control company and great service for your clients. We have several service and training packages available.

Our canine handlers are not just professionals, they are dog training experts. We work hard to secure trainers whom we believe to be honest, ethical and considerate of you, our customer.

We’re committed to reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides while providing permanent solutions to pest problems for residences and commercial properties.

Our company was one of the first and is the most trusted pest control company in the industry to utilize heat as an alternative treatment for Bed Bug eradication. Because the bed bug is highly resistant to chemical, heat treatments when done correctly by experienced professionals are widely received in the industry to be the best eradication method for a bed bug infestation. Being the first company in Arizona to use heat sets us apart from our competitors – but we haven’t stopped there. We continue to stay on the cutting edge of the industry finding and innovating new and improved methods to eradicate bed bug infestations and provide our clients with the most effective treatments and bed bug action plans available. In our continued effort to lead the industry in the battle against bed bugs, this year we opened our Bed Bug Education and Training Facility. It is the first and only of its kind in Arizona and may be the only of its kind in the country.
SonnyivanAt our education and training facility we focus on the training of dogs to detect bed bugs. On January 1st we welcomed Sonny Henegar to the Azex family. Sonny is a police dog trainer with over 25 years experience training dogs and for the past 5 years has been exclusively training bed bug detection dogs as well as educating handlers, other pest control companies and the commercial housing industry about the bed bug. Although there are other dog trainers throughout the country training and selling bed bug detection k-9s, Sonny is the only trainer we know of that not only trains bed bug detection dogs, but also handles bed bug detection dogs in the field daily. For this reason we know that the training of bed bug detection dogs and handlers at our training facility is second to none.

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