Dogs for Sale

It’s no accident that we provide the best working bed bug detection k-9s anywhere. Our Training and selection process is meticulous well thought out and proven. We are not the cheapest nor the fastest, we are simply the best.


Selection is without a doubt the most important step. Before and dog is accepted into our training program he/she is extensively tested to insure the dog has the natural ability, drive and soundness necessary to have a long productive¬† career in bed bug detection. We may test 100 dogs only to find 1 or 2 suitable for training. The dogs are tested for natural ball or toy drive, natural hunt drive, environmental soundness and physical soundness.Although no dog is perfect, we choose to dedicate our time to selecting the right dogs for the job rather than trying to mask or try to cover temperament flaws that will ultimately reappear when working in the field with the new handler. Because of our meticulous selection process the number of dogs available at any given time may be fewer than other training facilities, however every dog in our training facility is of “ROCK STAR” quality.

Current Dogs For Sale:






Breed Age Sex Price
Lab Mix 22 Months Male Call
  • Great Ball Drive / Highly Focused
  • In Training / On Odor
  • Currently Green But Coming Along Nicely




Breed Age Sex Price
Plott Hound 2 years Female Call
  • Great hard working dog
  • Lots of ball & hunt drive
  • Finished / On Live Bugs / In Field
  • Ready for a handler




Breed Age Sex Price
German Short hair 18 Months Female Call
  • Outstanding little Pointer
  • Great hunt drive & ball drive
  • On odor finding live bugs
  • Ready For Handler




Breed Age Sex Price
German Short hair 19 Months Male Call
  • High Drive / High Intensity
  • Incredible Hunt Instinct
  • On odor / Green



Breed Age Sex Price
Lab Mix 19 Months Male Call
  • High Drive / High Intensity
  • Incredible Hunt Instinct
  • On odor / Green

Contact us at 928-379-7222 or 877-445-2847 for information about our K-9 Scent Detection sales and handler training services to see what an AZEX Bed Bug Detection Dogs can do for you or your pest or K-9 Detection Business!