Your Success


Your Company’s Success

When you purchase one of our highly trained bed bug detection dogs your handlers course is included in the price of the dog. The course is imperative to the long term success of your Bed Bug detection K-9 Team. During the handlers course you or your handler will learn all aspects of dog handling, K-9 management and bed bug inspections. In addition to the “dog stuff” we educate you on the bug itself biology, habits, and the pros and cons of available eradication methods, a well educated bed bug detection K-9 handler is your companies Best Sales Tool.

We also take the time to show your handler our highly successful sales techniques and strategies for pro-active bed bug detection and bed bug action plan programs we provide for our clients. During the handlers course we will also consult with your company if desired, to help increase your success based on your particular companies demographics and goals.

Your success is our success, It is important to us that all of our K-9 Bed Bug Detection Dog clients and their companies flourish and become return customers.


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